Our Story

Princess Tara Productions (PTP) was founded by media pro Tara Wall in 2010. In a quest to tell stories that matter, help brands develop distinct media campaigns and produce documentary-style programs with a social conscience, Wall brings together a dynamic, award-winning team of visual artists, content creators, communicators and filmmakers who excel at doing just that – telling your story, your way.


Tara Wall pic.jpg

Founder/Executive Producer/Director

Tara has more than two decades of media industry experience in front of the camera – as a television journalist, communications executive and national columnist – as well as behind it as an award-winning executive producer and director for several television public affairs shows, corporate media and video campaigns, political documentaries, original web series and reality TV. With a keen eye for detail, knack for storytelling and mastery of messaging, the filmmaker is chief creative officer at Princess Tara Productions, LLC and chairman of the PTP Foundation for Media Arts.

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Partner/Director of Photography

Paul is a genius behind the lens, creative partner and audio/visual lead on each project. A 44-time Emmy award-winning videographer and editor with a career spanning three decades, Paul’s highly esteemed work has taken him to China and across North America producing large and small scale documentaries.


Associate Producer/Booking Manager

Aisha is the glue and “go-to” who not only manages to keep the shop running and our projects on schedule, but has successfully produced a number of television show segments, managed a corporate and government public affairs portfolio and makes the complexities of event management look like kids play.


Foundation Advisor

Rob is a business executive who is extremely active in philanthropic board service and political leadership at the local, state and federal level. He holds a variety of professional certifications and association memberships, sits on several corporate boards and advisory committees and holds equity stakes in several businesses. He’s been engaged with such firms as Deloitte, PwC, IHS Global Insight and Eurasia Group, among others. Rob’s innate business sense combined with a heart to serve and a passion for the arts, put him in the driver’s seat of our foundation efforts.